Events/Shows - Co-op Live

Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of Co-op Live, Manchester‘s state-of-the-art concert venue set to redefine live event experiences. As a beacon for international and local talent, this premier destination boasts cutting-edge acoustics and design, ensuring an unforgettable night for every music enthusiast.
Perfectly situated in the heart of the city, Co-op Live is not just a venue; it’s a revolution in live concert performance. With an impressive seating capacity, it accommodates a diverse range of acts from chart-topping artists to emergent bands, cementing Manchester’s reputation as a cultural hub for live music aficionados.
Not far from Co-op Live lies the iconic Manchester Arena, known for hosting legendary concerts that resonate throughout the city’s rich musical history. Each concert venue in Manchester contributes to a vibrant tapestry of sound and celebration, creating an unparalleled event circuit.
Experience the thrill of live music in Manchester’s Co-op Live, where every concert is more than a performance – it’s a landmark event. Join the community of fans eager to catch their favourite acts in a space where state-of-the-art meets spectacle.

Eagles will be on stage Manchester – Co-op Live on 2024. All the ticketing information you need to prepare your event.